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Performance and Morale- The Three Laws of Performance February 12, 2009

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I have been thinking a lot about this topic of performance and morale in three environments I have leadership and managment roles in:

(1) a state department of education I am working with

(2) my own organization and our virtual team

(3) a consortial organization I belong that sets national standards (go ahead- guess! Yes- it is the SIF Association :-))

One of the issues everyone in  executive or management roles deals with is how to produce the results that keep the enterprise alive and keep the people that make up the enterprise interested, productive, satisfied and acting as owners of the enterprise.

I am going to proceed over the next six months to study, examine, and experiment in this area of thinking in all three of these areas of my work life.  I am not sure what it will look like or what I will come up with but I think it will be interesting and should have a positive impact on all three areas.

I decided I needed a frame for my thinking so I am going to use the context of a leadership book I have been reading an advanced copy of called _The Three Laws of Performance_ by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan.  I will be applying the “Three Laws” and their corrollaries to each of these situations above and the implementing practices t oexecute those theories and get feedback as to the result.    I will use this blog as a forum to discuss my results.   BTW: I highly recommend reading this book.

I will tag posts with “Department of Education”, “SIF”,  and “Management” when dealing specifically with those areas.    I will tag all my posts in this strand with “The Three Laws of Performance”.

I will start my first posts next week sometime.



1. Andrew Elmhorst - February 12, 2009

Very Cool! I’ll be watching this one closely!

2. ajackl - February 12, 2009

Me too!!! I look forward to seeing what gets revealed as I do this.

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