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My name is Alex Jackl.

I have done a lot of things in my time in education: I have been the Director of Information Systems for the State Education Agency in Massachusetts, the CTO of an education non-profit to bring states together  on using standards and technology, a standards developer, and CIO of two different education technology companies.  I worked on many federal projects (NEDM, CEDS, AIF)  and  I was the CIO and Chief Architect for Choice Solutions, Inc., an education company that provides software products, services, and expertise in education enterprise architectures and building p20 longitudinal systems.  In October of 2013 we were acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and became their Vice-President of Technology Strategy and Lead Data Scientist.  I am now providing expert consulting on education data, standards, organizational transformation, and implementing large and small integration projects using education technology.

I am, and have been for ten years,  the Chair of the Technical Board of SIF, working on the Common Education Data Standards,  lead of the SIF Teaching and Learning Project Team, and working on many other national projects to impact education.

Feel free to contact me at ajackl@gmail.com.  This site is my blog for matters educational or technical.  In some cases I will be putting my psychic hat on and attempt to read the future in education and in technology.  No guarantees! 🙂

Please post any questions you have about SIF or enterprise architecture or transformational education and I will be glad to respond as quickly, and to whatever degree of detail, as it is workable for me to do so!

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1. Robin Tinker - May 18, 2010

I found your explanation of veritical vs. longitudinal data reporting very helpful.

2. Aléxia - July 8, 2012

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