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On data and content and learning November 21, 2013

Posted by ajackl in Educational Technology, Enterprise Architecture, Leadership.

My company was recently acquired by Houghton MIfflin Harcourt.   We really looked before we lept into the chasm of joining a large company like this.  The thing that tipped me over the edge was really two things: my experience of the executive team as being people committed to thought leadership and transforming their 180 year old company, and the company’s goal of creating passionate learners.

Now I am their lead data scientist and their VIce-President of Technology Strategy.  I am slowly coming to grips with the areas where I can lead and have a deep understanding – enterprise education data, platform architecture and design in the education space, system and data integration, mapping, assessment results data, and standards- and with the areas where I need to truly understand and learn from my new colleagues: content, assessment design, pedagogy, and content design and delivery.

I am going to post my thoughts here, and look forward to generating dialogues on these topics.



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